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I'm EXO's Luhan. Welcome to my wife's blog and her name is Adelina but she prefer people call her Elin. She is a hardcore KPOP fan. Blog is just her pastime ((i guess)) because twitter is already taken her heart but she still loves her husbands and she said she's sorry because this blog dont have tagboard since i told her to make this blog a little bit private because she is my wife. so any problems? just comment at her entry. thanks for a visit. /flying kiss/

Sehun , Luhan and Baekhyun (HunHanHyun)" - Elin

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Their Comeback Stage And KPOP BLOGGER
Sunday, 18 September 2011 @ 11:00 pm
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Woww ~ He looks perfect ^^
Assalamualaikun and Annyeonghaseyo

Ehem , hari nie entry Elin 2 in 1 =)) Eh , wahai BANAs sekalian , korang da tgk B1A4 punya comeback stage ? Elin da tgk =)) Elin tau da bnyk org da tgk xD Hari Jumaat dekat Mubank , then Yesterday dekat Music core then hari dekat Inkigayo , dekat Inki B1A4 ad special stage =)) For those who not watch yet their comeback stage , meh sini . tgk ~

Aww , best2 .  Dekat Mubank

Dekat Music Core . Their outfits cantik larh xD


Dua2 performance nie dekat Inkigayo =) Special stage gitu ;D

This entry special untuk KPOP BLOGGER =) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ! Yg ke brp ya ? 1 bulan ! Actually group nie da 3 bulan da , tapi yg lama tu kena hack . Elin ta tau , Cik Nana kita yg ckap , maklum larh dia kan ADMIN ~ So group yg baru nie baru wujud 1 bulan =)) Walaupown Elin msok group nie ta smpai 1 bulan lgi xD ( Sorry kalo salah anniversary tu )

Annyeong ! Adios ! Byebye !