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I'm EXO's Luhan. Welcome to my wife's blog and her name is Adelina but she prefer people call her Elin. She is a hardcore KPOP fan. Blog is just her pastime ((i guess)) because twitter is already taken her heart but she still loves her husbands and she said she's sorry because this blog dont have tagboard since i told her to make this blog a little bit private because she is my wife. so any problems? just comment at her entry. thanks for a visit. /flying kiss/

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011 @ 1:55 pm
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Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo fellas , 
Elin jumpa benda alah ni dekat tumblr then rasa macam nak try :D Kalau nak just copy mine then paste in your blog and erase my answer and put your answer . //Lol banyaknya perkataan "AND" XD

1. Who has the best hairstyle since debut?
- Myungsoo
2. Best dancer?
- Hoya the dacing manchine :3
3. Rapper?
- Dongwoo and Hoya and Sungyeol LOL
4. Did you watch Children of the night?
- I just watch the Infinite's cuts 
5. How about kkaeal player / sesame player?
- Yes , I watch it .
6. And Secret T?
- What is that ? LOL Nope

7. What’s your favorite song at this moment?
- Before the Dawn
8. First song you’ve heard?
- She's Back
9. First member you knew?
- Myungsoo
10. Who’s your first bias?
- In Infinite ? Myungsoo
11. Bias at the moment is? 
- Myungsoo , yesterday was Namstar LOL
12. Best laugh?
- Dongwoo
13. First reaction on Infinite?
- Omg , They're really a good dancers :D
14. First reaction when you saw the scorpion dance?
- What ? It is true that they do that dance ? Ok repeat it again !
15. First reaction on Woohyun?
- Hurm , His voice 
16. Julia or Can U Smile?
- Julia ! A I O I A I O I A A I O Wow ~ A I O I A I O I O I O I Wow ~ Ok Stop it
17. Which dance is better, BTD or Come Back Again?
18. Myungsoo or Sungyeol?
 Both ! because they're my bias (Y) MyungYeol hwaiting ! 
19. Infinite in pyjamas or tuxedos?
- Pyjamas
20. Infinite in bikinis or lame chicken mascot?
- Lame Chicken Mascot 
21. Sungjong or Hoya?
- Hoya
22. Nothing’s Over MV or She’s Back MV?
- Nothing's Over MV 
23. Sungjong with thin arms or with hot muscley biceps?
- Thin arms . He's cute ! c:
24. Dongwoo’s rap in Paradise or Nothings over?
- Aaaaaaaaah , both LOL
25. Sunggyu’s tiny eyes or Sungyeol’s cute teeth?
- His beautiful cute eyes ^o^
26. Being in one of their MV’s or a variety show?
- Both :P 
27. Paradise or Be Mine?
- Both ! XD 
28. Sunggyu or Myungsoo?
- Kim Myung Soo 
29. Dongwoo’s eyes or Myungsoo’s eyes?
- Myungsoo's eyes ♥ Aaaaaaah I'm going crazy *fainted*
30. What makes you love them?
- I love them because they're talented , funny and their dancing , I also love their attitude . To be hinest , I love their dancing the most and their songs , it's make me repeat their songs again and again . I proud to be an Inspirits . Infinite hwaiting  ∞ //broken english -..-
FINISH ! Elin tengah mencari B1A4 , Teen Top punya survey , kalau korang jumpa bagi kat Elin tau . Kbai :*

Cannot wait for MAMA ! :D