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I'm EXO's Luhan. Welcome to my wife's blog and her name is Adelina but she prefer people call her Elin. She is a hardcore KPOP fan. Blog is just her pastime ((i guess)) because twitter is already taken her heart but she still loves her husbands and she said she's sorry because this blog dont have tagboard since i told her to make this blog a little bit private because she is my wife. so any problems? just comment at her entry. thanks for a visit. /flying kiss/

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Friday, 8 June 2012 @ 1:39 pm
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His smile /melts/ 

I'm bored and I found this things on a few blogs . So i decided to try it . 
The first Kpop group you know and you like.
First KPOP group that I know and I like is Super Junior .

The first Kpop song you heard.
Nobody by Wonder Girls , Gee by SNSD .

What the ultimate fandom you're into? Max 2.
EXOtics and Inspirits .

Your first bias and he/she is no longer yours.
Choi Siwon . #ByebyeSiwon. you're not mine anymore . 

 Your ultimate bias? Just pick ONE.
OMG . This question is hard for me . because I have 3 ultimate biases . So , I just combined their name okay ? HAHAH HunHanHyun ( Sehun , Luhan , Baekhyun )

Do you like Kdrama or Variety show? If you do, list it.
Honestly , I'm not interested with Kdrama . Seriously .___.' But I watched a few of the drama . but Variery Show . I watched it ! Oh My School , Star King , Strong Heart , Running Man . 

Do you ever buy or go to their concert or fanmeeting? if you ever, upload da pictures :)
NO ! And I wish I can go to their concert TT___TT pray for me please . 

Currently you listening to what kpop song?
How great is your love by SNSD

Girls group do you hate the most. 

Girls group you like the most. 
Girls' Generation , T-ARA , f(x) 

Your boyfriend name (I mean you assume your bias as your boyfriend). 
Oh Se Hoon , Xi Luhan and Byun Baek Hyun . 

Currently dating with. 
My scandal . please be jealous . HAHAHA

The kpop song you hate. 
Idk .____. None , I guess

Do you ever think that you want to marry your bias? 

Of course yeah .. if God wills my wish . But I think it just a dream /cries/ 

Why do you love kpop?
Because their music is awesome . Their songs are catchy btw . I love them because of their looks , their dancing and more . OMG

Do you have a friend or someone you know that hate Kpop?
Yeah . Of course I have . and I just ignored him/her . But sometimes , I really senstitive with their negative comments about my babies but I try my best to control my ego . HAHA ._.

Does your boyfriend / girlfriend get jealous with your bias? 
I'm single okay . And I dont want a boyfriend because I've 3 handsome boys in my heart . cewaah xD

The kpop song you often play? 
Baby U by Teen Top 

Your bias list? Max 5. 
Sehun , Luhan , Baekhyun , Myungsoo and Woohyun

Since when you fall in love with your ultimate bias? 
Since I watched their teasers and MVs *O*

Why you love him/her? 
Should I answer this question ? Maybe because their cuteness /shout cutely and flips everything/

Does he has a scandal or ideal type girl?
Idk . But I know their heart always open for me . Kyaa 

Your favorite dance from Kpop group? 
Scorpion dance from BTD , Infinite . Yeah . it's awesome. I want to learn it . but ..

Your bias sexy/ hot picture *LOL* 
Ohmy , dont stare at them okay . 


Which Kpop blog do you like to view the most? Blogger instead Tumblr. 
I'm not into blogwalking these days . sorry to say .

Write a words for you favorite group or idol.
- "EXO , today . It's been 2 months since you're debuted . #2MonthsWithEXO and I'm proud to be your fans . And Please come to Malaysia lol and saranghaeyo!"
- "Infinite ! HAHA Congrats for your crown btw . and please come to Malaysia . I love you"

Write a words for your bias. 

Yo HunHanHyun *waves* HAHA I love you guys damn so much . Thanks because make my days better than before . I love you every single second of my life . And I hope you guys have twitter or whataever account that I have too (?) okay *ayat keling* Because I want spam about you guys . AHHAHA yeah . And I hope you guys dream of me . HAHAHA ppyong .

p/s : sorry for grammar error or typo *~*

Ohmy . 2 more days . and I'm dead ._.