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Hi there.

I'm EXO's Luhan. Welcome to my wife's blog and her name is Adelina but she prefer people call her Elin. She is a hardcore KPOP fan. Blog is just her pastime ((i guess)) because twitter is already taken her heart but she still loves her husbands and she said she's sorry because this blog dont have tagboard since i told her to make this blog a little bit private because she is my wife. so any problems? just comment at her entry. thanks for a visit. /flying kiss/

Sehun , Luhan and Baekhyun (HunHanHyun)" - Elin

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Taggie again :)
Monday, 7 November 2011 @ 10:39 am
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Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo

Hey , I'm back :P haha . Entry kali ni Elin kena jawab tag . Sebenarnya banyak tag Elin dapat tapi ... soalan kali ni mencabar sikit XD So , siapa yang tag Elin sebelum ni then Elin tak jawab , sorry eh Y_Y

Le question from Sungmin's wife

Q - What will you do if you and yo bias is in a room ? 
A - Omg . haha . Everything going be awkward .__. and I don't know lah  . 

Q - Have you ever watch "adult movie" ?
A - Absolutely not . haha 

Q - What do you think of my questions ? 
A - Your questions eh ? Awesoomee :D

Q - Which one do you prefer to be yo bf. Miyyo or a cute ullzzang guy ? 
A - Omg *again* , I prefer both . haha .

Q - Do you know what fuck means ? 
A - Lol , maybe I know =="

Q - What do you want to say to me deep in from heart ?
A - From my heart ? Woww , You're pretty :D Seriously . 

Q - Do you hate me ? 
A - Of course not ! 

Q - Am I annoying ? 
A - Not at all :'>

Q - Do you know me ? 
A - Yes and you're my friend c;

Q - What do you think of Super Junior couples ? 
A - Their couples ? omg , I LOVE IT SO MUCH :3 EunHae and KyuMin . Kyaaaaa . 

Haha , habis pun Elin jawab :D . I hope you'll enjoy with my answer . hoho :D OkBye !