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Day 9 - 20 of B1A4 challenge
Monday, 2 January 2012 @ 7:59 pm
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"I want to eat lots of nice food" - Infinite , L 

Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo readers ,

Aaah Elin nak habiskan B1A4 challenge ni , haha ~ yeah , sekolah nak buka dah , and mula je sekolah . Elin tak boleh online -.-' kalau boleh pun maybe once a week . So ni maybe post Elin terakhir Elin kot lol ~ tak pasti :3 kalau elin rajin , elin buat lagi entry . kalau tak rajin atau tak de masa , elin tak buat lol ~ kalau elin buat pun ada ke orang nak baca ? -.- nak tengok ? ;p btw blog ni dah tukar rupa :3 wohoo ~ Ok kita teruskan dengan B1A4 challenge . lol ~

Day 9: Your favorite edited or non editied picture of CNU

Day 10: Your favorite edited or non editied picture of Baro

Day 11: Your favorite edited or non editied picture Gongchan

Day 12: Your favorite Macro

Day 13: Your favorite GIF

Day 14: Who has the best aegyo

Of course lah my hubby LMAO HAHA XD Gongchan pun comel :3 meh sini eden sertakan video sekali *O* Jangan tengok lama-2 atau anda kena penyepak dari saya -.-

Day 15: Who has the best style

Omg , All of them ! :D Tengok gambar kat bawah ni :3 semua ya ~ ;p

Day 16: Who has the best dance skills

All of them lah ~ Aaah Kejap lol ~ CNU and Baro kot . haah tak tau lah ;p Haha tengok video bawah ni :D Nyhahaha <3

Day 17: Who would you date

Ofcourse lah suamiku yang tercinta , Lee Jung hwan a.k.a Sandeul . Bwahaha ~

Day 18: Your favorite senerio(s)

Day 19: A special note to your bias(s)
"Omo , Annyeong Lee Jung Hwan oppa *waves* . I hope that I can meet you in person . Aaah , You're so cute ASDFGHJKL . Sorry , I'm going crazy . Harhar And Keep going with your cute style . Haha I LOVE IT SO MUCH ! Haha . And I love you damn so much . Saranghaeyo Sandeul oppa :*"
Day 20: A special note to the group 
"Let's fly B1A4 ! I wish that I can meet you :'> And please always come to my country . What is it ? Haha Malaysia :3 And I wish I can go to your concert lmao .__. B1A4 oppa , I adore so much . and thanks because make my day better than before . Aah I glad that I'm one of your fans . Even tho you guys will have OFFICIAL wife , but I can be your girlfriend rite ? Haha .__. I just wanna say that I love B1A4 so much . *O*"
 Lol , Akhirnya habis ! Yaaay haha XD and ucapan tu sorry if ada BROKEN ENGLISH .__. Aaah So , esok *O* tak boleh online dah -.- kalau boleh pun seminggu sekali *~* and malam ni -.- elin pergi tuisyen . Aaaah , lama dah tak pergi tuisyen lol ~ setahun dah ._. and tetiba pergi balik *A* Haha tajuk dah keluar . Aah Kbai . Jumpa lagi beberapa bulan atau minggu :*
Oh tidak ! , macam mana lah *~* Aku akan tinggalkan KPOP *o* Aaaah tak mau *geleng* Aaah Waeeeeeeee ? boleh jadi gila aku -.-