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I'm EXO's Luhan. Welcome to my wife's blog and her name is Adelina but she prefer people call her Elin. She is a hardcore KPOP fan. Blog is just her pastime ((i guess)) because twitter is already taken her heart but she still loves her husbands and she said she's sorry because this blog dont have tagboard since i told her to make this blog a little bit private because she is my wife. so any problems? just comment at her entry. thanks for a visit. /flying kiss/

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 @ 4:27 pm
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stop it jongin

hey again ,

yesterday , i have band competition um and i was dissapointed with the result . we didnt reach our target . our coach said that we can reach our target but... tbh i was holding back my tears in back . ah i cant believe this . but at least , we did our best . my senior that it's good for juniors . lol yes im junior in band but our vice president said yesterday that we are not juniors anymore since the competition . so we are seniors yes . finally lol

and second , i'm sad because some people said that smtown will never held in Malaysia because Malaysia dont have stadium that can fit 80k people . umm okay that's sad . but Stadium Bukit Jalil can fit 80++k people umm yeah i research about it hehhehe i take this so serious lol but 1/4 of the stadium will use to make stage (broken english pfft) so the seats maybe will 40k left umm ;_; i guess . okay im not good in math . haha

i hope in future there's s new stadium in Malaysia that can fit 1000K people HAHAHA okay it's impossible . and next topic is hehhehe =_= sunggyu's debut solo mv is released YAAAAAAAAAY the music is so beautiful okay i love the intro of the album . hehe and omg sunggyu's voice AAAAAH im melting here lol sunggyu can sing in all genres aww im so proud of my grandgyu.

and =___= kim myungsoo is in that mv woww . AND GUESS WHAT?!?! THERE'S A GIRL WITH LONG WAVY HAIR IN THE MV AND MYUNGSOO a.k.a my fiancee KISSED HER WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE . pfft myungsoo said he likes a girl with long wavy hair so no wonder he kissed that girl . btw he just kissed on her cheek. but im still jealous .

i have bad news again . i didnt get my s3 yet . sobs im still waiting mom and dad . and i guess that's all . and bye .

goodluck for 2013 PMR candidates hehe and congrats for 2012 UPSR candidates :)